This is my cousin Alan (left) He was born with a heart defect.He had to have major heart surgery at the age of 4 because he was born with a “Hole in his heart” Everything seemed ok until he was in his 30’s with a young son of his own. our family all got together at new year as we always do its our Scottish tradition we sing songs and my uncle makes up a poem for us all. Everything was fine.

At Easter when we got together again he had a cough. On my other little cousin (His niece Lucy’s) 1st birthday Alan was having life saving surgery. There aren’t very many of us in our family and the fact that Alan is still here really matters to us.

We have been so lucky, his son (Josh) could have grown up without a dad; Lucy and Findlay without an uncle and me without my big cousin. 

Can you please find it in your hearts to sponsor my little niece Lucy and her mother to walk for The British Heart Foundation. 

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